Business Opportunity

Reduce operational lag in incinerator plants and tracking compliances based on govt. standards

Increases supply chain visibility ensuring optimized waste collection, theft control, compliance checks, fuel consumption

CEO dashboard Inefficiencies in supply chain because of delayed and wrong delivery and theft

Impact of the issue

Streamlined supply chain and automating incinerator plants along with customized dashboard for CEO


2017 – 2018


Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd.


Understand the business

Interviewed stakeholders, got familiar with incinerator plants to understand the business process and compliance requirements

Understood the supply chain from waste collection to treatment to disposal

Install Hardware (sensors, edge gateway)

Sensors that monitor the plant incinerators with real time alerts, buzzer and automated workflows.

Edge gateway to acquire data from sensors along with real time analytics

Weigh bridge in delivery vans that monitor and record collected waste from each location

Configurable Dashboards & Reports

Track agents real-time and identify hotspots Provide performance reports Ensure drug storage in suitable environment through remote monitoring and control Reduce waste

Business Impact

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Enhanced efficiency

Enhanced efficiency by real time visualization on plants status, customized rules, automated workflows

Increased visibility

Increased visibility on supply chain with optimized pickup, theft control, compliance checks

Increased production time

Increased production time, reduced maintenance cost using predictive insights

Transparent insights

to CEO’s and other stakeholders using configurable, role based dashboards

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