Our Offerings

Edge Gateway
Autonomous IoT integration in harsh environments. Increased active Rig time via smart sensors. Enhance safety measures.
Reduce Asset Downtime. Automated replenishment's. Real-time Notifications. Energy management and optimization.
Business Insights
Real time cost and pricing optimizations.High value Business Insights and process control. Predictive analysis.
Cognitive computing.Rich user experience. Natural Language Processing(NLP) to analyze spoken and written text.

Oil & Gas Suite

IoT enabled devices and systems can facilitate efficient O&G operations, with minimum human intervention, providing higher value than traditional technology and automation. Correctly implemented IoT solutions hold the potential to introduce efficiencies in upstream operations. IoT sensors deployed across the value chain – from exploration and production can bring in the much-needed visibility and workplace safety, with better control and maintenance of assets. While such IoT initiatives hold potential to drive business bottom-line, the industry’s high risk production operations cannot be left dependent on untested and immature technologies.
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