Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited is Asia's leading provider of comprehensive environment management services working with Cinqueon on Logistics, Construction and Demolition projects
Medicare Environmental Management Private Limited, the leader in waste and environment management is the pioneer in emphasizing of the need to set up scientific common bio medical waste treatment and disposal facilities working with Cinqueon on automating Incinerator plants pan idea by enhancing process efficiency, checking compliances, insightful reports while integrating with 3rd party solutions
Develop world-class products for Indian homes, healthcare providers and institutions that are founded on excellent research and an undying commitment to quality. Medical devices used our Software solution to augment their low-cost diagnostic device
High value lifesaving, time sensitive pharmaceutical delivery company started transformation with logistics & warehouse management solutions
SMART building management solutions, involving CinqEdge, CinqIoT with automatic energy management
Bought the edge gateway solution to provide a single point of entry for data acquisition
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